Buuf Buur

Julia Buur
Stimulation, confusion, disorientation. These are the feelings I want to bring about when people look at my work. What kind of space do I see? Where am I? Which associations come to mind? In my artwork I play with surrealism, optical illusions, depth effects and metamorphoses and transformations.

My goal is to stimulate people and make them think in different psychological ways. The most fascinating part is when I can play tricks in my own mind with my work as well. I mainly experiment with analogue techniques and try to create innovative insights. A lot of my work consists of a compilation of materials that I have assembled. The more I see, the more of a process there is to figure out. This to me, is very important!

In my illustrations I start by creating two-dimensional surreal worlds. I then make them into three-dimensional installations and set pieces in order to establish a foundation for a story.

  • 1998
  • Nationality: Dutch and British  
  • Based in Utrecht